ourlovelykaeblog said: Do you know where kae got that long black cross over purse that has those leather things hanging?

the bag is from http://www.slmcfadin.com/index_inside.htm but the exact one that karrueche has is not on there.

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Anonymous said: do you know what shoes kae had on with that white shirt ? the boots were thigh high.


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Anonymous said: do you know where I can find her pink air max she posted in one of her ig pics

We posted them already.

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bikini in Neon Yellow Mesh -$89


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Hello kaefashion lovers!

Alot of you guys been asking about kae’s jewelry and I found where she gets most of them enjoy xoxo


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loveeeinthesky said: Hello team of kaefashion. I love your site. It inspired me everytime...when I watched it :) I have a question, please.What brand of makeup Rue using ? She has a good lipsticks, eyebrow products, blushes...Let me know, If U know something about this. Thank U, Sincerely, Natalie

Hello. Most of her lipsticks are from Mac! She uses kiehl’s products for her skin. Hope that helped xo

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(TOP) Indiana Ice bikini -$79


(BOTTOM) Bandeau Neoprene bikini in Pastel Neon Mint -$89


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beautifulsunflowers21 said: Where did kae get her two bikinis, the mint/black and white/black one? Also thanks for posting the air max, love those and this blog(:

No prob. and she got both bathing suits from the same place we’ll post :)

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Lace body-con slip dress -$68


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