Anonymous said: Where did kae get that red and black bathing suit in the hundreds shoot??

H&M they don’t have it anymore.

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So kate ankle booties -$1,095

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Eye sweatshirt -$195


Asymmetric wrap mini skirt -$50[1444103|208649]&bi=1&ps=200

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Karrueche’s style

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ourlovelykaeblog said: Do you know where kae got that long black cross over purse that has those leather things hanging?

the bag is from but the exact one that karrueche has is not on there.

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Anonymous said: do you know what shoes kae had on with that white shirt ? the boots were thigh high.

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Anonymous said: do you know where I can find her pink air max she posted in one of her ig pics

We posted them already.

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bikini in Neon Yellow Mesh -$89

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Hello kaefashion lovers!

Alot of you guys been asking about kae’s jewelry and I found where she gets most of them enjoy xoxo


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